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The Safe Haven

"Shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces."
-Ann Voskamp


We all need safe spaces where we can share the intricacies of our lives without any fear of judgement.
Where we can speak into our heart aches, our trauma, our challenges. The places we may hold shame or resentment.
Where we can be supported through the process of understanding, acceptance and also have practical tools to guide us on our personal development journey.

I believe that we are not meant to travel through life alone, carrying our stories and burdens on only our own backs.

When we share with people who see through a lens of compassion we are able to receive support and insight that offers us direction and clearer perception.

I invite you into The Safe Haven.
A chance to talk about anything and everything. Where you will be honoured and guided on a path back to your own remembering of the wholeness of who you are.

This offering is available both in person and online.

Investment: $150 per 90 minute session or $500 for 5 sessions.

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