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 Communication & Intimacy Coaching

Intimacy is a totally different dimension. It is allowing the other to come into you, to see you as you see yourself.
— Osho

Wild Flowers

Coaching For Individuals and/or Couples

I offer mentoring support for people who are single, within relationships and for couples.
I coach through a trauma-informed lens and am able to identify areas that can be supported and expanded on within each person.
I specialise in mindful intimacy, sustaining healthy relationships to pleasure, open-hearted communication and teach practical tools to strengthen connection to self and others.

I am available for coaching in person or online and can work within different timezones.


Cost: $150 per hour session or work with me over 10 weeks (with a 1 hour call per week) for $1250

Guest Speaking

I am available as a guest speaker for events, workshops, retreats, festivals and in any space where our values and mission align.
I am passionate about speaking into:
-Embodied Intimacy
-Conscious Connection
-Shame-free Pleasure
-Communication in Relationships

-Healing Trauma Through Pleasure & Intimacy

I also can teach an array of embodiment practices for deeper connection and nervous system regulation within intimacy.
My workshop content is valuable for anyone in or outside of partnership and caters to all
 genders and sexual orientations.
I am available for in person bookings or online.

Cost: $150 per hour with additional fees for travel costs, accommodation etc.

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