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Embodied Processing Therapy

The Bottom Up Approach To Healing Trauma & Nervous System Dysregulation

Embodied Processing is the bottom-up approach to working with trauma, low self esteem, anxiety, addiction, depression and a myriad of other stress related issues.
It is a trauma healing modality that is grounded in both the latest neuroscience as well as the ancient healing traditions. The process helps us to draw on the body’s innate intelligence to discharge stress, heal, and return to homeostasis. When you are guided to meet yourself at the roots, exactly as you are; transformation happens on its own.


Trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, overwhelm, people pleasing, dysfunctional relationship patterns, self sabotage, low self esteem, chronic pain…

All of this has roots that live as contracted stress in our body which dysregulates our nervous system, causing suffering and pain in our daily lives. Although talk therapy can be very beneficial in certain circumstances when it comes to trauma it doesn't touch the stress that is stored in the body, just like talking about a broken leg will not heal it.

When we are working primarily with the thinking mind by reframing, cognizing, pathologizing, diagnosing and looking for intellectual bandaids, when it comes to trauma these practices can only assist in keeping the underlying pain out of consciousness, without bringing about any true or deep transformation.

Embodied Processing is a technique which is used to safely meet and digest the underlying wounds, which is what often hides behind and is the driving force of many of our surface symptoms.

I am a fully trained and credited Embodied Processing Therapy Practitioner with The Centre for Healing.

Session Costs
Initial Session (2 hours)- $200
Follow Up Sessions (1.5 hours)- $150

Initial Session: $120
Follow Up Sessions: $80

6-12 Year Olds
Initial Session: $100
Follow Up Session: $60

All sessions are available in person and online.
Get in touch for more info and/or book in your initial session below.

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