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 Mindset Coaching

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”
― Steve Maraboli

Wild Flowers

1:1 Mentoring

There is deep programming occurring from a very early age that creates a foundation for our beliefs on how we see ourselves and the wider world.
We are integrating ideas around self-worth, relationships, emotional expression, self-regulation, communication, resiliency, intimacy, sovereignty and interconnectedness with all of society.
As we get older these programming systems become subconscious, regardless of whether they are for our highest benefit or not,
As your mentor I help you to identify the beliefs that are stopping you from coming into the most fulfilled and happiest version of you.
With a combination of practical tools and holistic modalities, we are able to rewire the neurons and override them with more affirming and positive thoughts which then impacts your outlook, behaviours and life experiences. 

Coaching available either in person or online.


Investment: $150 per hour or work with me over 10 weeks (with a 1 hour call per week) for $1250.

Group Workshops

This offer is for businesses or workplaces who would benefit from guidance around mindfulness practices and education around communication to improve cohesiveness within staff and individual positive outlook.
It is a workshop that will offer some practical tools that can be easily implemented to create long-term benefits for all. 
This is an hour-long program that is taught optimally to a group of about 10 people.

It is suitable for all industries/private businesses and no prior knowledge of mindset skills is needed.

This is currently offered in person within the Bay of Plenty and surrounding areas.
As well as available as an online workshop.

Investment: $350

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